Plan a Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation is always fun. Once the kids get school holidays it is always great to go away for a weekend so that you can spend time enjoying each other’s company and relaxing and having fun together as a family. It is a great chance to bond and make some great memories that you and your kids will cherish in the years go come.

Make your plans

Often, just because it is summer does not mean that your kids will have no plans. Planning a family vacation with younger kids is always easier – they have fewer activities and you are still more or less in control of all of their plans. With older kids, they may have made plans with friends, to go away on summer camp and may have signed up for summer school or even for sports and other summer activities. However, if you plan well ahead you can ensure that everyone keeps at least one week free for a family getaway so that you can all take some time off together as a family.


Where to go

The options are endless when it comes to a family vacation. If all you want to do is relax, jump in a pool or spend time at a beach then consider booking yourselves a room and check out for Coral Sea resort.

If you book early enough you may be able to get either a great room or even a discount at Coral Sea resort. This will give you a chance to get pampered – no cooking or cleaning, and plenty to keep everyone occupied. It really is the ultimate relaxing holiday. You can nap, your kids can play and swim or watch television if that’s what they want. Alternatively, some families choose to do more adventurous things like go camping or even visit historical sites or nature parks etc. these are also great options as they are adventurous, will give you a chance to get away and will be a chance for your kids to see some sites and learn something new.

Pack for the trip

Make sure that you pack plenty of sunscreen. There really is nothing worse than having kids complain of sunburn while on holiday. Also make sure that you pack extra hats, sunglasses, flip slops and bathing suits – someone will always forget theirs or lose or break their flip flops and having extras on hand will save you a lot of trouble! Also take along some water bottles that you’ll can fill and keep so that everyone stays hydrated.