The Effects Of Micro Housing That Outweighs Its Affordability

As the space available for new buildings reduces by the day so have the size of our houses. Certain highly commercialized cities like New York, London and Paris have faced huge housing problems. The number of one-bedroom apartments has increased and there are more and more that is being built every day. The argument for these single bedroom houses that are potentially the size of ancient closets is that they are affordable f or those families and couples who have newly moved in to the cities. But it is now evident that the health risks and the crowding challenges of these mini-houses have outweighed the affordability of them.


For a youngster in his or her twenties, these could be alright as they are vibrant and more relaxed. But for those in their 30s and 40s this could be a potential health risk as coming to a house that is the size of a room after a hectic day at work could be extremely stressful. Most of the apartments for sale that are single roomed are bought by couples and sometimes even families due to their affordability and convenience. But definitely the space available is not sufficient for them. As a result what most people do is to have folding beds or hanging dining tables. As most of us hate additional amounts of work, what happens most of the time is that people just go to bed or get to work without considering folding or hanging the extra pieces of furniture, making the place look more claustrophobic than before. Psychologists believe eve if micro housing could be alright for young individuals it could impose terrible living conditions and mental health issue for a couple or a parent and a child cramping into such compact space.

Also psychologists have discovered that children that are living in micro houses and low-income housing are more likely to be withdrawn, backward and might have trouble concentrating. The lack of privacy and individualism of a child by these micro houses cannot be compensated by high floor to ceiling windows, high quality fittings or a balcony with a view of a lake that most of these Dubai Sports City apartments for sale offers. A child requires privacy and space to grow explore and spend time on his own.

Psychologists also point out that homes play a role of communicating our identity to others. Having somebody over for dinner or accommodating someone is a pleasure for humans. But today people are more worried on how to accommodate a fried or fit in a TV to their homes and do not even think of entertaining anybody at home. This is the tragedy of micro housing. However it is highly unlikely as this problem would be solved. People tend to live more closely to economic opportunities and do not wish to commute across cities for doing business or get to work. Micro housing, despite its many issues will continue to be popular in the cities.