Organizing An Indian Themed Party

If you have been tasked with organizing a party, an Indian themed party can be one of the most interesting and exciting party themes that you can work with. Not only does an Indian themed party provide you with many different possibilities and ideas but it is also a very exciting party to plan.

Decorations and details

The key to organizing a successful party of any kind is to have many different details associated with the theme. In the case of an Indian themed party, in addition to all the amazing decorations you can have a video made for the birthday person with a Hindi voice over artist coming in to add some additional effects to the video in the Hindi language.

If the birthday person is a big fan of Hindi and the Indian film industry, you can even have the voice over artist Dubai do something on the video in association with his or her favourite Hindi movie.


In terms of decorations, it is important to remember that everything Indian is usually very bright coloured and blingy and therefore you should be able to get something together simply by addition a lot of colour and a lot of bling to your decorations. Simply go online and search for some Bollywood themed decorations and you should get an idea.

Indian food is usually very spicy and has amazing flavor. You can actually choose to make your life easier by asking a local Indian restaurant to do your catering for the event complete with Indian drinks and finger food such as wade and small Indian sweets.  If you are having many foreign and non-Indian guests then it would be a good idea to ask your caterer not to make the food too spicy while still retaining the foods authentic Indian flavours.

For your music for the event, you will no doubt have unlimited options. All you will have to do is go online and take a look at all of the Indian Youtube videos where you will be able to choose your favourite songs from your favourite Bollywood movies. To surprise your friend or loved one, you can even get a group of guests together before hand and plan out an Indian dance for the special guest. Indian dances can be heaps of fun and should be fairly easy to learn if you follow some Youtube videos or tutorials. You can add to the atmosphere by adding some spices in different corners of the room to make the whole venue smell of Indian spice and cooking.