Causes Of Food Processing Using Carrageenan

It’s really challenging to maintain the food safety in all part of the world because most of the food are been produced with the formation of adulteration. Most of the people don’t have much knowledge about the Carrageenan which needs to be known.  Carrageenan is a part of seaweed that has been extracted from it in different color variation (red & purple). The extracted mixture from the seaweed is called as polysaccharides. For the past week there has been great talk about the causes of Carrageenan on human and some of the great research experts made a petition about this substance not be used in the food but the FDA has denied it. Most of them don’t know that this would internally work as a slow poison as well as turned out to be a cancer. Most of the food makers are making use of this in order to enhance the stability and texture of the food. This natural combined chemical substance is used in various food products such as milk mixture food items like chocolate, pastries. Similarly this has been used in our daily used products like toothpaste and poultry etc…


For the past one decade there is a huge conversation going on with this carrageenan issue but still there is no solution has come out. The most important thing which has to be noted that this product will take more time to digest and there is no nutrition is available in taking this food additive. The main use of this substance is only to explore the product with much thicker manner and attract the people to buy it but it’s no use. In simple term it can said that the product which are mix with the seaweed will never give any additional nutrients or proteins. Please click here to know more issues about the carrageenan: . Doctors from various part of the world also suggest that this type of food which are been taken by the patient or less digestive power human then they may even completely lose their digestive part which may lead to death. Moreover there are other talks are also updated from the various clinical research that “Food ingredients are making irritate because it activates the inflammation to distract the digestive system”. Moreover this has to test with some animal in the lab and it has been confirmed that it may cause gastrointestinal cancer at any point of time due to this bad ingredients.