Enjoy Your Family Vacation In A Home Away From Home

Vacating in a hotel can be really exciting for the first few days. Kids would love being able to watch TV in bed and have a mini fridge at their disposal. Room service is great. Simply order anything and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. The swimming pool, department store and restaurant are all just around the corner. However, the novelty of this wears off if you stay for too long. The monotonous life style might put a dent in your holiday spirits.

A better alternative to a hotel would be a holiday home. There are a number of reasons why this is better than staying at a hotel.

On the long run it is less expensive

It’s strange but true that renting an entire house is generally cheaper than renting a hotel room for an extended stay. Of course this does not include the high-end bungalows with all the latest gadgets. This refers only to the ones that have all the comforts a regular home would generally have. This means you can use these savings for a boat ride or safari or something else to pamper yourself with.

Other than accommodation you will also save on food and laundry. The hotel restaurant and laundromat will cost you a fortune if you plan to stay for long.


Unlimited freedom

A holiday home gives you way more privacy and freedom than a hotel ever could. If you are travelling with little children they can be given separate rooms unlike in a hotel where this may not be safe. Kids can bring their friends along too if they want. No one will complain about how loud your music is, so you can play it all day long if you like. Pets can join you too. Anyone who owns a pet would know the hassle of arranging food and accommodation for a pet when you go away for long periods.

There is no specific check-in or check-out time, so you can come and go as you please. The pool and the garden will be all yours to enjoy. If you are vacating with a large group of friends and family you can have pool parties and barbecues from sunset to sunrise without any interruptions. Since everyone in the group will be in the same house for the vacation it will give more time for everyone to bond.

Personalised food

One great thing about vacation rentals is that you can always have the kind of food you like. If you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen there will be local cooks that you could hire to cook your favourite meals. Nearby restaurants would probably offer you a taste of local cuisine. This will be a good experience if you are vacating in a foreign country.

Travel with less baggage

Since doing laundry yourself is an option you can cut down on the clothes you need to pack. As well as saving money and space on your vehicle it will also lessen the load of washing you have to do when you get back home!

All in all opting to go for a vacation rental will give you a better experience than a hotel. You can plan your day without having to worry about any curfews. If you are travelling with a large group it will also allow you to spend more quality time together. Even children can have more freedom than in a hotel. So this is probably a great way to create memorable holidays.